Big Sur Playlist

Training for the Big Sur Marathon is officially underway, and as such, I’ve decided to incorporate a little hill torture into my workout plan. Apparently this is just what you do when you’re preparing to run Big Sur. You terrify yourself with BSIM race reports outlining the ecstasy and agony endured atop Hurricane Point, and then you find a road so steep it scratches the clouds to replicate those depths of human suffering firsthand.

Sounds like fun, eh? Well, I’m trying to do this training thing the right way this time. No bailing on long runs, no pretending to strength train, no telling myself bingeing on Nilla Wafers is the same thing as carbo-loading.

Hence today, for the first time ever, I’ll attempt to transport my body to the top of 10th Street in Emmaus—up the imposing, truck-resistant hill behind Runner’s World HQ—in a trudging manner semantically related to “running” (but potentially closer to the same genus and phylum as “crawling”).

Something tells me my usual mantra (chanting “pizza” ad infinitum) isn’t going to be enough. Something tells me it’s time for another MOTIVATIONAL POWERJAM PLAYLIST.

So in the interest of hammering up a local mountain or two, I’ve compiled the following training mix for the Big Sur Marathon.

My training playlist is composed of almost all Bay Area hip-hop tracks for two reasons—1. I’m not familiar with any music indigenous to the Big Sur area; the Bay Area seems close enough, and 2. I really like San Francisco/Oakland rap from the hyphy days of yore. (Note: I haven’t been to SF since around 2006, so if anything notable happened after hyphy, I’m unaware of it. Yes, I’m old. Get off my lawn.)

It’s a short list for a short, tough workout, and it goes without saying that it’s NSFW. Let me know if there’s something I should add, young people!

Big Sur Marathon / Bay Area Hip Hop Running Playlist

1. Let’s Ride – Richie Rich
2. Feelin’ Myself – Mac Dre
3. Get on My Hype – Messy Marv
4. Blow the Whistle -Too Short
5. California Love – Tupac
6. Hyphy 916 Remix – the Federation
7. Tell Me When to Go – E-40
8. The Sideshow – Traxamillion
9. Super Hyphy – Keak da Sneak
10. Freeze Up – Operation Ivy