In Defense of #RWPunStreak

To be fair, critics have yet to assail RWPunStreak (nor wassail it, though it is the holiday season). But after reading my colleague Meghan Loftus’ spirited “In Defense of RWRunStreak,” I figured now is the time to mount my own preemptive case for the month-long festival of terrible wordplay that is the pun streak.

For me, part of enjoying the holidays is making sure I make time to pun during them, and the streak is helping me do that this year.

I like punning. Sometimes I don’t like the act of forcing everyone around me to wince uncomfortably and slowly moonwalk out of the kind of awkward social situations where I hold court.

But once I get going, I enjoy the experience. I dart out the door for a daily run, empty my brain of day-to-day stress, and run easy in the knowledge that I’m improving mental fitness, battling Alzheimer’s through mind puzzles, and tapping into the collective conscious of my hero Will Shortz.

Many days, the results are a nearly indecipherable mess. Other mornings, things just click, and I realize a reenactment of breakfast-time struggles could be branded “Mission Impossible: Toast Protocol,” or a post-snowpocalypse run, “Yak Trax: Beyond Runderdrome.”

Did I imply that I was actually good at punning? I’m not. I’m not even good at punning badly. But is there not a certain heroism in knuckling down and working hard at something that doesn’t come easy? To be honest, that’s a huge part of why I love running. I’m not a natural, so each minor victory and new personal record seems incredible.

The pun streak isn’t meant to be a burden or a cringe-inducing reason to unfollow my Twitter account. It’s for people who like being giant dorks and appreciate the genius of a ping-pong league called “Pong Rips,” or a lesbian podcast called “No Bones About It” (things I’ve been a part of but did not name).

If you can motivate yourself to be a lovable person without the pun streak, more power to you. But you should probably just get in on it now before the holiday season really hits its stride.

Yes, that was a running pun. See how easy it is? See how many tidings of comfort and joy it brings? #RWPunStreak until New Year’s!